Lee Hsien Loong; China Xin Hua

As of 19 August 2019, this site has been ordered to shut down by the Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority, following an take-down order of the below offending article titled “PAP is hiring: Apply only if you are a dishonest yes-man”:

PAP is hiring: Apply only if you are a dishonest yes-man

You may download the order from IMDA here:

Alex Tan_Takedown Notice (19 Aug 19)

My response to the IMDA is a refusal to comply with the censorship order of Singapore and North Korea. The Singapore government will need to issue a legal court order, and enforce it under the New South Wales Government of Australia, where I am legally binded and based at.

The absence of a due process tantamount to corruption, as emphasised in the allegedly offending article.

I thank Google and Facebook for refusing to comply with the Singapore government’s censorship order, which is clearly a vile attempt to obstruct freedom of speech.

A new site will be created in a week’s time.

Alex Tan