Clapping time, loudest clapper get the most bonus

Keen to enrich your friends, family members and yourself with S$13 million?

Join the PAP. Minister Grace Fu will show you how state funds can be stolen and the police will not do anything.

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, and whatever mouthful pompous titles he carries, should not be overtly worried about not having honest and able people joining his party. In fact, he should be careful of what he wishes for.

People with the qualities he is seeking will be troublemakers for his party after all. Honest people would be demanding to know how much Ho Ching is earning, and questioning where is everyone’s CPF money. They will also start questioning if they deserve million dollars in ministerial salaries, and this is going to be headache for Lee Hsien Loong.

A capable person who worked his way up the private sector would not tolerate being a yes-man pandering to his every whim like Trade Minister Chan Chun Sing.

If you are an honest and competent person, the ruling party PAP will corrupt you, or at least their twisted logic and well-paid million dollar salaries eventually will. At the end, you will either have a personality breakdown or become adept at lying with a straight face like Goh Chok Tong himself. We just need to look at the present PAP ministers and leaders – all of them are crooks and liars at the very least.

PAP ministers pretend to care for the people, when all they care about is their million dollar salaries. They are more interested in their own reputation and bonuses, than the struggling poor and middle class. Complain about GST hike? Heng Swee Keat don’t give a damn. When the PAP want money, you pay, no question entertained.

When the economy is doing well, they steal credit. When there is a recession, they blame others. You need to be more than dishonest, you have to be extraordinarily thick-skinned and self-centered to attain the PAP level. Don’t forget to tell the world about your “sacrifices” becoming a PAP minister, common Singaporeans won’t know your “sufferings” and the amount of millions you would have earned and the “lost opportunities” had you not join politics.

Aside from cheating and lying, you must also be brutal and evil to be a PAP minister. Think K Shanmugam. The biggest liar in Singapore is outstanding at calling others “liars”. Minister K Shanmugam manipulated the law, undermined the judicial system with his lopsided logic, and actively sues people into bankruptcy or imprisonment. Evil is an understatement for K Shanmugam, he is the abomination of the good and just. If you can’t be a criminal, you might not make it to be a minister like him.