Lee Kuam Yew; Policy wire

“No fraud was involved in the National Gallery Singapore‚Äôs waiver of contractual provisions. This sum is not overpayment, so there is no need for any major recoveries of monies. Such waivers and variation orders (totalling S$13 million) were to expected for such a massive project.” – Minister of Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu (Aug 2019)

Missing S$13 million is not a rounding error, or a mistake Singaporeans can overlook. Especially for the poor elderly who live off selling 1kg of cardboard for ten cents, or for a Singaporean child struggling to pay for a pair of school shoes.

Perhaps Minister Grace Fu has become jaded from her million dollar salaries, that S$13 million seems like a small change to her.

If Lee Kuan Yew is still alive today, Minister Grace Fu would have been immediately arrested. This is the sentiment shared by most Singaporeans from both the PAP and opposition supporters. Singaporeans who have lived under Lee Kuan Yew’s regime know better. It doesn’t matter if Grace Fu is guilty of corruption or not, an independent investigator will decide. It became a fact Singapore’s reputation has been brought into disrepute when one of its leaders is embroiled in corruption scandals.

Unfortunately, Lee Kuan Yew is long gone and his son who inherited his premiership condones the corruption. Lee Hsien Loong’s flippant administration of the country has left daily governance to power-hungry and corrupted officials like K Shanmugam, Chan Chun Sing and Grace Fu. Like an ancient child emperor manipulated by state eunuchs, Lee Hsien Loong is at a loss of what to do. Lee Hsien Loong must have been told by his advisors that impeaching Minister Grace Fu would look bad on himself.

No way Lee Hsien Loong will allow that to happen. The foolhardy Prime Minister has in recent years been on an endless spending spree, building billion-dollar gardens, parks, resorts, airports and more fanciful monuments to showcase his “leadership”. Tens of billions have been wasted with no return on investment in sight. Taxes were raised again and again, with the most insidious one being the GST increase coming.

Lee Kuan Yew would not be in a celebratory mood this National Day. The country he invested his life in is now in shambles, and he would pull a Mahathir on his son if he is alive today – exactly like what is Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling doing today.

Alex Tan
Temasek Review Editor
GE Strategy Leader