WP Low Thia Khiang with supporter; WP

In every election, opposition parties and members of the public have been harping on unity and cooperation. The fallacious argument goes around “united we stand, divided we fall”. Sorry this does not work.

The unspoken rule for any cooperation is equal standing, founded on the principle of equal sacrifice. For example, the Workers’ Party already have 9 MP seats in Parliament. For a party like Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s PSP or Dr Chee Soon Juan’s SDP, they have zero seat. Cooperation between parties with unequal commitment will not happen, or will be subject to easy fracture, because one side has more to lose than the other.

What does PSP and SDP bring to the table, or what equivalent can they offer in exchange of WP putting 9 MP seats?

Nothing in fact, unless they can fund the electoral deposits of all WP candidates.

As strategy leader, my role is not necessarily to facilitate cooperation between the opposition parties. I do not see how their cooperation will affect the election outcome, hence my disregard.

The fact is everyone get the idea about opposition unity wrong. Opposition unity should instead about supporters of different opposition parties still voting for the contesting opposition party even if their choice of opposition party is not present. Unity also mean supporters and voters of opposition parties do not go about disparaging other opposition parties.

For a true independent, I am of the view that the WP has priority to take on any constituency over other opposition parties. I am also supportive that WP goes into a three-corner fight, if the smaller opposition does not wish to give in. This is vital to setting the basic rule of meritocracy: you have more say only when you have more seats in Parliament.

As previously stated, I will debuff opposition parties – whom I judge as having a lower chance of winning – who refuse to withdraw from a 3-corner fight. Anyone who gets in the way of taking down the PAP is an enemy. I am confident of chipping off 5% votes with viral news articles, and that 5% can mean losing one’s S$15,000 electoral deposit.

My primary objective is to make the PAP lose power, and not to assist any particular political party or politician. WP gets the priority, end of argument. I will be responsible for the losses of this general election, just as I will be credited for its success.