Dr Tan Cheng Bock; Straits Times

Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s recent comment saying that he does not foresee a regime change in the coming election is confounding.

I was floored by the comment.

I wonder what Dr Tan Cheng Bock was trying to achieve when he said that. Ruling party voters – the chief target audience for all Opposition parties – will not say “wow you are so honest I am going to vote for you”, they are more likely to think “if you are not ready to be government why the hell am I voting for you?”

There is nothing more self-stabbing in politics than to give swing voters a good reason not to vote for you. In fact, opposition parties in Singapore, already lacking convincing reasons for PAP voters to swing their votes to them, who goes around telling voters they are not ready to be governments deserve to lose.

Honesty is a good trait, but it won’t win you votes. As a news writer, I love it whenever PAP ministers try to be “honest” by saying things like “the hard truths” or “fare raise is needed to achieve rail reliability”. They are simply giving critics like myself more bullets to whack them hard.

There is obviously a mismatch in expectations between what the Opposition parties think what makes a good political party and what Singapore voters are truly asking for. It is not fuzzy meaningless word play like “corrupt-free”, “good governance” or “accountability to the people” – anyone can say that.

Singapore voters are not interested in politics nor the political parties. PAP voters of GE2015 are not supporters of PAP. How did I come to the conclusion? Simple, I chanced upon this fact after several name changes of my news websites. At the end of the day, the brand may carry but Singaporeans follow the writer. I can shut down Temasek Review today, and write anonymously under a pseudonym and I can still easily gather 20K daily readers.

I am dead sure Singapore voters are not interested in the brand names of WP, SDP or Tan Cheng Bock. They are after a politician who can lead. Someone who knows what he is saying, what he is going to do and the methods of convincing the voters.

Like myself.

There is no better way to test your own findings than to use yourself as the lab rat. Singapore voters need a leader who is unshaken when challenged. For example, if I am government, the CPF funds will be fully returned at 55 years old. Feel free to take me on anyone, or the world.

Nobody can be this fearless, and this is why I am the strategy leader of the opposition parties. I have tilted public opinions against the establishment single-handedly by dominating the social media news feeds, and I will finish the job so long the wind blows in the direction I wanted (there is no better political change factor like an economic crash).

Both the PAP and the opposition parties do not understand the voters, and I am not helping either of them. The opposition, like Tan Cheng Bock, are merely my proxies. A vote for the Opposition means a vote for me. I would come back for my supporters once the PAP regime is taken down, but until then, please bear with the confusion and stupidity.