Lee Hsien Loong; Facebook

Everyone has been misled: the converse of fake news is not true news. Real news is.

The Singapore government’s approach to dealing with fake news is to issue its own opinion piece and declare it as true and factual. Unfortunately, this does not work because truth is relative. What is true to you may not be true to others, and the PAP government is simply demanding that everyone sees from the same perspective as they do.

Let’s delve into Real News now. Say for example the article I previously written on Lee Hsien Loong and Najib’s relations and the 1MDB corruption, I wrote that the money laundering was brazenly done in the eyes of the Singapore authorities over a period of 4 years (2011 to 2015), when the two Prime Ministers were also overtly cozy with each other.

I reported that money laundering happened in Singapore with the government claiming ignorance of the billions swimming in state-owned banks like DBS and Standard Chartered. In the same article, I wrote that at the same timeline Malaysia under Najib also signed several deals including the High Speed Rail project with Lee Hsien Loong. All of which is real, they happened and this is real news.

Did Lee Hsien Loong receive corrupted money from Najib? The answer is not “no”, but “don’t know”. It is the job of the CPIB, which everyone knows is under the PM. Lee Hsien Loong was never ever subject to any form of independent investigation, who knows. This is, again, real news. With a pretext on this uncertainty, my article delivered an impression that Lee Hsien Loong corrupted. Again, did he corrupt? The answer is not “no”, but “don’t know”.

News reporting standards must be maintained, and there is no more stable approach than delivering just the facts. Like in the articles I wrote on poverty, it is real that elderly poor are picking cardboard on the streets – anyone can see this happening everywhere daily in Singapore, so this is real. With this evidence as backing, I disparage the CPF system’s inadequacy, the absence of social assistance for the poor and the millionaire government. The government can declare this as “fake news”, but it is real.

Personally, I do not care about the truth. I am only concerned with what is real and happening. If the country is as rich as you claimed it to be, why is reality so different? The ministers can say anything they want and declare them as the truth, but they can never turn words into reality.

The POFMA law is pointless to reality, it only aids the PAP in winning verbal arguments and nothing more. Nothing is fixed, poverty does not go away just because Lee Hsien Loong say there are no poor people in Singapore. Old people are still struggling to earn a living even when Josephine Teo say this is a sign of them getting healthier. Train breakdowns still inconvenient the people even when the Transport Minister claimed that rail reliability improved by three-folds. If only real world problems can be solved with the PAP ministers talking.

I am a realist, not a truth preacher. What I see and experience first-hand is my truth. I do not trust anyone and the words people say, unless I see it for myself. I do not write what is unestablished, and I write only what is actually happening. What is your truth?