Khmer Rouge terror victims; Cambodian Daily

Dear Vietnam and Cambodia,

On behalf of Singapore, I would like to apologise to your countries over the disrespectful comments made by our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

His views are of his own, and he does not represent Singaporeans. Most of us citizens do not support the Khmer Rouge regime and definitely not its genocide and war crimes.

It is irrefutable fact that millions have died and suffered under the Khmer Rouge regime, and Vietnam – that have provided desperately-needed assistance when no other country offered – should not be vilified. We are sorry for invoking the painful memories of Cambodians and Vietnamese who struggled to bring peace in the region.

In our corrupted political system, the Singapore government lack discipline and the politicians often say whatever they like – often landing the country into diplomatic spats with other countries. Singapore have been locked in bitter quarrels with Malaysia and China no thanks to their insensitive and arrogant remarks.

Like Cambodia in the past, Singaporean citizens are also under the oppression of a single dictatorship and we need every help we can get from our ASEAN neighbours to overthrow the PAP dictatorship in Singapore.

On our part, we will also pressure for our Prime Minister to apologise to your countries.

Alex Tan
Opposition Leader of Singapore