Singapore Police; ASS

When too many people are questioning the government over simple enforcement matters like a molest or littering case, it becomes a serious question on the competency of the Singapore government and police.

In recent months, Singaporeans have been repetitively told by the Singapore Police to accept molest and voyeur cases as petty crimes that warrant only a warning with no repercussions. The NUS victim who was filmed bathing had no recourse against the police’s decision to serve only a warning, except to pressure the university for harsher penalties. Another molest victim who was assaulted, had her offender let off with also a warning.

Yet in cases where a stern warning would suffice, the Singapore Police kicked up a storm. Just last month, two Singaporeans were arrested for posting a comment on Facebook saying they wanted to egg Law Minister K Shanmugam. Then recently, a Singaporean was fined S$300 for flicking a piece of rubber band on the road.

In the absence of justice from the Singapore Police and government, it is a no-brainer more people are taking their cases to social media. What is more astonishing is that most of these cases that went viral online are actually justified. In the NUS case, the school ended up having to apologise for their lax attitude on molest cases.

Some get showered with donations to fight the government like Roy Ngerng, who raised S$81,000 to fight a defamation lawsuit with dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Just last month, when writer Leong Sze Hian was sued for sharing a link on Facebook, he received donations even from the Prime Minister’s brother, Lee Hsien Yang.

The Singapore government and police have better pull up their socks and stop being so incompetent and out of touch. It is only a matter of time more Singaporeans lose faith in the judiciary system, and start taking things in their own hands. Fake news did not debase trust in the government, it is the government who lost the public trust with their incompetence to deliver.

Everyday people have more things to be worried about, than be complaining about the police and government all day. When even the common man-in-the-street has nothing good to say about them, it is a sign the system is corrupted and breaking down. If the government and police cannot be trusted with power, drafting more laws like POFMA to empower them will only create chaos in society.