Edwin Tong with Kong Hee; Straits Times

Demonizing critics of Singapore’s latest censorship laws, Senior Minister of Law Edwin Tong called them liars and attacked them as “crying wolf”.

Without citing any example, the PAP Minister openly lied that critics used ‘alarmist’ language like “nuclear war”:

“The concerted attempts by a small group of persons to mislead have not got any traction among most Singaporeans. The small group of persons I have referred to, speak in a shrinking echo chamber, with increasing shrillness. Some take refuge in alarmist language (including comparisons with nuclear wars) in desperate attempts to get attention… Similar attempts, by a similar group, were made in 2013, to oppose some technical legislation relating to the Internet – and Singaporeans saw for themselves that post-2013, nothing had really changed. Crying wolf repeatedly gets no attention.”

Issuing a fake news himself, the PAP millionaire minister who represented fraudster pastor Kong Hee, claimed in a state media article that the ‘majority’ support the Fake News law:

“The Government is confident that there is broad and deep support among an overwhelming majority of Singaporeans for laws to tackle online falsehoods. The Government believes, with good reason, that the overwhelming majority of Singaporeans want strong laws to deal with online falsehoods… The Government is confident that most Singaporeans understand the Bill’s main thrust.”

Minister Edwin Tong also attacked Facebook, Google and the technology companies of unethical profiting, claiming they make money off fake news:

“If the Bill becomes law, Singaporeans’ rights of expression will not be affected. Only perpetrators of falsehoods will be affected. And of course technology companies, which benefit from such falsehoods, will see some of their profits go down.”