Heng Swee Keat; Straits Times

Speaking to foreign journalists at his study visit in Switzerland yesterday (May 10), Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat denied that his government is oppressing freedom of speech with the latest ‘fake news’ law.

The PAP millionaire minister said that Singaporeans have to be “grounded in” his ‘fact’ for any discussion:

“The new law to combat online fake news is not an attempt to suppress different opinions. But such differences in opinion must be grounded in fact in order for good discourse to take place.”

DPM Heng Swee Keat also added he is worried about people getting the ‘wrong conclusion’ and that is why a new law is needed to ensure everyone gets the ‘right conclusion’:

“But these opinions have to be grounded in fact, in truth. If you and I disagree because we have completely different assumptions on what the facts are… we don’t actually have good discourse, because we can’t debate (the topic’s) merits based on verifiable facts. Worse still, if one party bases an opinion on an entirely erroneous set of facts, we will come to the wrong conclusion.”

The fascist leader who will be the next Prime Minister then denied that his dictatorship government will abuse the law to charge government critics, and dismissed any opposition to his new censorship law:

“To expect that 100 per cent of people would agree on a particular course of action is not realistic. There will be people who have concerns and think a different course should be taken.”

The majority in the country however opposed the new law, as they are worried that the ruling party PAP will abuse powers to bypass due legal process. The Lee Hsien Loong dictatorship is notorious of oppressing people with anti-speech laws restricting news websites and bloggers.