K Shanmugam; Straits Times

Technology companies Facebook, Google and Twitter has expressed their disagreement with Singapore’s Fake News law, and expressed uncertainty over the Singapore dictatorship’s latest censorship law.

Facebook’s Vice-President of Public Policy, Simon Milner, said the company remain concerned whether if the PAP government will practice what its “reassuring ministerial statements” preaches:

“We remain concerned with aspects of the new law which grant broad powers to the Singapore executive branch to compel (anyone) to remove content they deem to be false and to push a government notification to users. We hope that reassuring ministerial statements lead to a proportionate and measured approach in practice.”

Twitter responded calling for the government to address concerns raised by the community, stating that they have not been “appropriately” addressed:

“While the full extent of the law has yet to be revealed, we hope the concerns carefully articulated by academics, journalists, and civil society groups in Singapore and around the world over recent weeks will be addressed appropriately.”

Google was more forthcoming, and declared the new law as damaging to innovation and media development:

“We remain concerned that this law will hurt innovation and the growth of the digital information ecosystem. How the law is implemented matters, and we are committed to working with policy makers on this process.”