Nas Daily; Facebook

Nas Daily successfully held his first meetup in Singapore yesterday (Apr 20) with attendees estimated peaking at around 300. Singapore state media Chinese newspaper Zao Bao exaggerated the figures to 500, while state media CNA went outright fake news by claiming 2,000 ‘fans’ attended the meetup.

According to a source who was present at the meetup to do a headcount, the crowd was mostly transient with many dropping by to take a look for around 15 minutes and leaving the scene. Only about 200 stayed and laid out picnic mats, and about 100 lingered for the two-hour event.

Attendees were also mostly foreigners, including domestic helpers, construction workers, tourists and travelers. The number of Singaporeans who attended was only around 100, and many left after queuing to take a selfie with Nas Daily.

At the stage, Nas Daily praised the Singapore government for “efficient” public transport and cited its centralised location as reason for his relocation here. After the event, Nas Daily put up a defiant Facebook post taunting his critics saying “We win!”, without explaining who lost or who is he competing with:

Screenshot; Nas Daily

Nas Daily is Singapore government’s latest propagandist to appeal to the younger Singaporean voter base in this year’s general election.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s unpopularity however proved too much for Nas Daily, with the Israelis now facing severe criticisms from Singaporeans over fake videos presenting half-truths about Singapore.