Screenshot; Youtube

The Singapore Police is now under fire from the public for refusing to arrest an angmoh who punched an elderly Singaporean security guard.

Singapore’s state media CNA reported the police arrived to the scene only to “take statements” from the UK national and no arrest was made.

In the video recorded by another security guard, the 47-year-old UK national, who has been identified as Stuart Mills, taunted and repetitively laughed at the English of 60-year-old Singaporean security guard, Andrew Lim. The angmoh verbally abused and bullied the elderly security guard by blocking his way, and at one point tripping him and then punched him in the face.

The bespectacled elderly Singaporean fell to the ground with his glasses broken and he suffered a swollen eye and sprained neck.

According to publicly-available information, Stuart Mills used to work in Singapore as a “Creative Director” at TBWA Singapore, an advertising multi-national company from US.

TBWA Singapore responded to media queries condemning the violence and stated Stuart Mills left the company last year May 2018. It is unknown if Stuart Mills is a Permanent Resident.