Elderly CPF; Roy Ngerng

According to the latest Ministry of Manpower (MOM) report released yesterday (Dec 14), Singapore employees work the longest hours in the world at 44.9 paid hours a week or 2,334.8 hours a year. The Singapore workforce’s average working hours is the highest in the world, and at 36% higher than Japan’s 1,710 hours a year.

OECD nations annual working hours compared to Singapore

Only 2.9 hours of overtime were paid, indicating that 2 hours of overtime are unpaid. Unlike the rest of the world, in Singapore, overtime payment does not warrant a bonus rate of 1.5 times the regular rate.

When compared to OECD nations, Singapore has the worst employment practices in the world with minimal rights. Trade unions are banned, and only government-sanctioned unions are allowed. There is also no right to protest, and redress for unfair employment practices are lowly-prioritised by the dictatorship government.

The MOM censored statistics on average income earned per hour, but low income workers take home as little as $30 a day after CPF deductions. Foreign workers on work permits and Singapore elderly citizens form the largest population of the working poor, with many working as cleaners and security guards.

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