New Seletar Airport; CAG

Due to poor planning, the Singapore government overspent by some S$30 million for a new airport terminal at Seletar Airport.

The new S$80 million passenger terminal for private chartered planes was opened at Seletar Airport last week (Nov 19). However, the terminal was originally announced to cost only S$50 million, according to state media Straits Times in 2016. The state media then censored the news last week and made no mention of the overspending.

There is no explanation on the overspending from the ruling party or whether if anyone will be held accountable for the excess.

Seletar Airport; Straits Times

The new Seletar Airport terminal which was said to have a capacity of 700,000 passenger handling a year, was also opened with no flights scheduled. The airport’s only potential lessee, Malaysia’s private flight company Firefly, is not operating as there is no approval from the Malaysian authorities to land at the new airport terminal. The new airport now sits empty by the days, with no customers in sight.

The Singapore government will also be building a new airport terminal at Changi East, Terminal 5. Till-date, there is no budget declared despite having already started construction phase. The ruling party government did indicated that Terminal 5 would cost “tens of billions”, and that the government will need to borrow from state-owned companies to fund the project. There is no update on Terminal 5’s funding or how much money has been borrowed.

In preparation for the coming General Election that would likely fall next year, the ruling party PAP government has rushed for the completion for several infrastructural projects. Opportunistic ruling party MPs and Ministers were deployed to officiate the opening of these projects and exploit them for their own political serving as if they built the structures themselves.

At Punggol, a new road extension linking Punggol Central to expressways KPE and TPE was opened yesterday (Nov 25) – a year ahead of schedule. The entire PAP MP team of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC and Punggol East staged a fanfare to open the road on the Sunday morning.

PAP MPs Punggol Road; TodayOnline

Then at Yishun Khatib, a new government-funded health center offering free massage services was opened by Law Minister K Shanmugam yesterday.